Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last day

Today was my last day teaching 5th grade. It's a weird feeling being done: I'm relieved, sad, but also just tired. We had a "moving up" ceremony at school today in the hot humid gym. Students were given awards, certificates, and some advice for middle school. It was a nice ceremony!

Even though it's been a challenging year, I'm going to miss my students and their ability to make me laugh. God had a plan for me through this year to pour into my students, and now he is bringing me back to New Jersey (or Virginia?) to be near family and friends. I'm excited for my next adventure, but also hate this feeling of uncertainty about what September will bring. Now that I have more time, I can focus on finding a job and figure out which classes to take at community college next year as prerequisites for a masters (possibly in Speech Pathology). I pray that God will give me guidance on what happens next. Join me in praying! Thanks for following me through this year!

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